Now is the time to get your HiSET!

Do it for your loved ones, do it for yourself - but get started today.

Gain the respect that comes from earning your high school equivalency. You deserve a chance to have a job you will enjoy and the education you want. While Maine is now using the HiSET instead of the GED, it will get you to the same place - your better future.

We're here to help

  1. Find the Adult Ed Center near you:
  2. Get the help you need and prepare
  3. Take the tests - Earn your HiSET!

Your future is calling!

Tomorrow’s world demands education. Are you interested in a new job, career, or college classes? Turn your dreams into reality.

Don't lose what you've started! Finish now.

If you've already started the GED tests, you’re well on your way to getting it done. During 2014, Maine will combine prior GED scores with HiSET so you can earn your diploma. Contact your local adult education program to get the help you need to succeed.

Avoiding HiSET Fraud

Avoid phrases such as:

  • "Earn a diploma online" or "earn your equivalency"
  • Offers based on "life experience"
  • "Take an online test"
  • Instant offers

Report potential fraud to Maine Adult Education or the Better Business Bureau.