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RSU24 Adult Ed Open House Scheduled [RSU 24 Adult Education]

RSU24 Adult Education is headquartered at the Sullivan Town Hall in US Highway 1.  The program offers a wide range of services from basic literacy to college courses and a wide variety of enrichment and workforce courses as well.

The staff is hosting an informal Open House on International Literacy Day, Monday, September 8, 21014, 3:30pm-6pm.  The faculty and staff will be on site to share information, visit with you, and answer any questions you may have about the program for yourself and/or someone you know.  You can register for classes or just chat with the staff.

We hope you will consider joining us!





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Class Location Changes! [Monmouth/Winthrop Adult & Community Education]

Family Fitness Center is moving! Classes offered by Family Fitness Center: 

Cardio Kickboxing ~ Pilates/Yoga ~ Qigong ~ Karate Kids ~ Aerobics for Older Adults and Aerobics Classes are moving from Union Street in Winthrop to Main Street, Winthrop to the former Movie Gallery location.


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Lewiston Adult Education's Fall '14 Semester is now posted! [Lewiston Adult Education]

We have over 100 classes this Fall to help you reach your goals- whether you want to further your education, build a new skill for work, learn a new hobby, get published, or just meet some new people!

We've got dozens of new and returning Art, Jewelry-making, and Craft classes for those looking to get creative with their hands.

We'll also be offering several new Cooking classes, including "Thai Cooking: Vegetarian," "Easy & Delicious Gluten-Free Cooking," and "Cake Decorating."

In addition to our regular Ballroom classes, we've added a few new Dance & Performance classes, including "Improvisation: The Basics" and a no-partner-required "West Coast Swing."

You'll find several different seminars on Personal Finance, including a new workshop on "The A's, B's, C's, and D's of Medicare."

We have over a dozen Health & Wellness classes to help keep you feeling your best- from the the start of the school year right up through the holidays!

Home & Garden classes will also be offered: Learn to reduce household toxins before you close up your home for the winter in "Sustainable Housekeeping," build some new handy-man (or woman!) skills in "Woodworking," or get your snowblower ready for winter in "Small Engine Repair."

As always, we've included a few Just for Fun classes for folks who want to get out in the community and learn something new!

For those looking to build computer skills for work or for fun, we have over a dozen computer classes, from "Computer Basics for Seniors" to "Business Computing," "Mail Merge" to MS Office skills (Excel, Access, etc.), Facebook to Pinterest, and much more.

Workforce Training Certificate classes will be offered for our Clerical, Accounting Assistant, and Medical Office Certificate programs. We'll also be offering a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class.

You'll also find info on our High School Diploma program, HiSET (formerly GED) prep classes, and English for Speakers of Other Languages at our website,

For adults interested in pursuing a college degree, we'll again be offering classroom and blended/online sessions of our free College Transition Program.

To simply browse all our Fall '14 courses at once, click here.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me by email (, or give us a call at 795-4141. We hope to see you in the fall! Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!



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Are you interested in becoming a CNA? [Augusta Adult and Community Education]

Our Fall 2014 Certified Nursing Assistant course begins with the orientation on Friday, September 12th. Classes will run for twelve weeks beginning September 18th. If you are looking for a career change or are interested in the Healthcare field, this course may be for you. Please call us at 626-2470 to set up an appointment for the free CASAS reading assessment and to complete the application packet. We will be conducting interviews the first week in September. For more information please go to: or give us a call!


Posted by Helen Emery  on August 20, 2014

Updates Fall 2014 Brochure [Monmouth/Winthrop Adult & Community Education]

We've had a few changes to class locations this semester. They are as follows:

Acoustic Guitar ~ Classes will be held at Winthrop High School Room 104

Coupons! ~ Classes will be held at Winthrop High School Library

Linda's Laptop Lab ~ Classes will be held at Winthrop High School Library

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at 377-2265.


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Next Driver Ed Class begins September 9, 2014 at Winthrop High School [Monmouth/Winthrop Adult & Community Education]

Class begins September 9, 2014 6-9 pm at Winthrop High School.

Area Driving School provides driver education classes that consists of 30 hours classroom instruction and 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction. All of the instuctors are licensed by the State of Maine and certified in First-Aid.  The vehicles are fully insured and inspected by the bureau of Motor Vehicles. Students must be 15 years of age by the first class. You'll need to bring your birth certificate, social security card, corrective lenses (glasses or contacts), blue or black ink pen and paper.

To register for class or for more information, please contact Area Driving school at 207-933-2034 or email


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Thursday, August 21st, 2014 - Registration begins for our fall courses! [United Technologies Center]

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 - Registration begins for our fall courses!

Check out UTC, MVR #4 Adult Education's Course Catalog: 2014-15UTCAE.CourseCatalog.magazine2.pdf

Check online for our Course Schedules.


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New and Exciting Course [Biddeford Adult Education]

Biddeford Adult Education is offering a new course this semester and we are very proud to do it in conjunction with W.I.T.S. and the YMCA of Northern York County.

Personal Trainer National Certification

According to the latest fitness industry salary guide, Personal Trainers are earning on average of $34 an hour.  Employers like 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and Gold’s Gyms are just a few of the thousands of club employers that seek out our graduates each semester. Whether a career move or for your own personal knowledge, get all the information you need to become a Certified Personal Trainer. This challenging course is taught over a 8-week period for better retention and hands on skill competency. The national exams are held on the 9th week. This course is formatted as a 62-hour program and is comprised of 16 hours of lecture, 16 hours of hands on practical training and a 30-hour internship that walks many graduates right into a job!! The course prepares you for success with key topics that include biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing, and equipment usage and health assessment. CPR/AED and a 30-hour internship are required to receive the certificate.  W.I.T.S. is the only major certifying body in the country providing comprehensive practical training and internship components.  You will be prepared to work with clients and stand out in any gym as “the expert” in your field.

Date: Sat., Sept 27th - Nov 22nd
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am Lecture
Location: J.F.K. Kindergarten Center/Conf. Room
Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm Training
Location: YMCA, 3 Pomerleau Street, Biddeford

Cost: $695


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New Books New Readers Class [Houlton/Hodgdon SAD 29/70 Adult Education]

This class provides an opportunity to participate in interesting conversations (only if you want to) and get great books to add to your home library for free!  Meet four times, read 9 great children’s books around the theme of What It Takes and discuss them in an adult way.

Wednesdays: Oct. 8th & 22nd; Nov. 5th & 19th from 10:30am to Noon in Room 111 at the Houlton Higher Education Center.  Call Bernadette at 521-3100 x5 to register.  

Click the link to view comments about this class from past participants.  New_Books_New_Readers_Fall_2014.pdf





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Auburn Adult and Community Education (AACE) Fast Stats [Auburn Adult and Community Education]

60 individuals earned a high school credential through AACE in 2014

Over 45 community members became certified nursing assistants in 2014

130 individuals utilized AACE to develop stronger academic skills

Over 1000 community members accessed our programs and school department facilities


Posted by Earlene Fraser  on August 12, 2014