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Check Out Lewiston Adult Education's Three Locations [Lewiston Adult Education]


Lewiston Adult Education has three sites that offer different classes for students. Take a look at the locations to make sure you have the right destination in mind.

The Adult Learning Center is located in the basement of Longley School on 145 Birch St. in Lewiston. Students can get their high school credential by taking the HiSET exam, take English lessons or work on getting their American citizenship.

The ALC's phone number is 207-784-2928.


The B Street Community Center is located on 57 Birch St. in Lewiston. The College Transition Program is one class offered there, along with academic and workforce classes.

The B Street Community Center's phone number is 207-753-6420.

Lewiston Adult Education's main office is located in the lobby of Lewiston High School on 156 East Ave. in Lewiston. Students can take classes in construction, how to become a certified nursing assistant and enrichment classes including cooking and oil painting.

The main office number is 207-795-4141.


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Lewiston Adult Education Instructor Wins Teaching Honor [Lewiston Adult Education]


Irina Petranek holds her teacher of the year award at the Maine Adult Education Association conference in Orono on Thursday. Her daughter Sasha stands next to her.


A Lewiston educator with firsthand knowledge of the challenges of learning a new language has won the teacher of the year award from the Maine Adult Education Association.

Irina Petranek received the honor on Thursday, June 20, during its annual conference held at the University of Maine at Orono. Lewiston Adult Education Director Bill Grant presented the award to Petranek at a ceremony held at Donald P. Corbett Hall.

Petranek, who teaches English as a Second Language, joined Lewiston Adult Education in 2011.

She was born in Dzhambul, Kazakhstan, and is a graduate of Lipetsk State Pedagogical University in Lipetsk, Russia. Petranek moved to the United States in 2002.

Lewiston Adult Learning Center Coordinator Laurie Champagne noted that Petranek, who speaks English, French and Russian, tries to combine her lessons with hands-on activities. This includes cooking with her students and making sure everyone uses the proper English terms for measurements.

Petranek teaches eight different classes a year at Lewiston Adult Education and may have as many as 80 students, Champagne said. She has also taught cooking and a Russian language class for Lewiston Adult Education enrichment classes.


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Announcing our first-ever summer session! [Five Town CSD Adult & Community Education]

By popular demand, we are offering a small selection of summer classes and day trips.  Check out our summer newsletter here.


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Lewiston Adult Education To Hold CNA Orientation With Spurwink [Lewiston Adult Education]


Lewiston Adult Education is having an orientation for the upcoming summer Certified Nursing Assistant Program with Spurwink on Friday, June 14 at 1 p.m. at the B Street Community Center on 57 Birch St. in Lewiston.

The free classes are scheduled to start on Tuesday, June 25.

To sign up for the open house or for more information, call Lewiston Adult Education at 207-795-4141.


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Lewiston Adult Education Graduate Shares Story of Perseverance [Lewiston Adult Education]

Lewiston Adult Education graduation 2019 speaker Nasra Houssein celebrates her graduation with Adult Learning Center staffer Barbara McAllister on Tuesday night at the Lewiston High School 


Nasra Houssein praised the people who convinced her to return to her studies during Lewiston Adult Education’s graduation on Tuesday night in the Lewiston High School gymnasium.

The native of Djibouti dropped out of her classes last year because she could not fit them in with her work schedule. She credited Lewiston Adult Education teachers Don Roux and Amy Hatch for their encouragement along with coworkers at Trinity Jubilee Center in Lewiston.

She returned to her classes after a three-month absence. On Tuesday, served as the student speaker at graduation.

“Without all your help, it would have been difficult for me or anybody else. So thank you all for giving us your time to help us succeed,” Houssein said.

The 30 Lewiston Adult Education graduates at the ceremony received their high school credential by taking the High School Equivalency Test. The HiSET exam has replaced the GED for high school equivalency

Beth Derenberger received the Lifelong Learner Award for her commitment as a teacher and for exemplifying the sharing of knowledge at Lewiston Adult Education. She learned rug braiding from an adult education course in Oxford Hills. After a few years of practice, Derenberger ended up teaching in Oxford Hills and at Lewiston Adult Education.

She taught rug braiding at Lewiston since 2004 and retired at the end of the Winter-Spring 2019 semester.

“I have made so many friends from my teaching. It’s awesome. Students come because they want to come. People come because they’re interested. And that’s half the battle,” she said before the ceremony.

Outgoing Superintendent of Schools Bill Webster served as the keynote speaker at graduation and received a round of applause for his support of adult education. Lewiston Adult Education Director Bill Grant gave retiring teacher Diane Whiting a bouquet of flowers during the ceremony to thank her for her service of more than 25 years.



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Would You Like To Teach? Fall 2019 [PVAEC - Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative]

Do you want to teach an adult ed course?

We are now accepting Fall 2019 Enrichment Course Proposals!

Do you have a special talent or hobby you'd love to share? Earn a little extra money by teaching your skills to others. The only qualification to teach an enrichment course with us is a willingness to share your talents with others. Popular enrichment course topics include (but aren't limited to): Arts & Crafts, Photography, Cooking, Gardening, Literature, Fitness & Dance, DIY Homesteading, Music and so much more! The possibilities are endless. If you're considering a topic you're not sure about, contact us! We'd love to discuss it with you.

Recently, we sent out a survey to students regarding our enrichment program. You may have even received and participated in the survey. Based on our students' responses, we are going to limit evening classes to  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings only . In this survey, we also learned what classes students are looking for, and here are some of the responses that came up most often: dance, exercise, food & nutrition, American Sign Language, social media and social media marketing, web design, and foreign languages. If you're not an expert in any of these areas, but know someone who is, please feel free to pass this email along to them!

Please schedule your classes to start  NO EARLIER THAN MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2019.  We reserve the right to adjust your proposed course schedule as needed and will notify you if we do. We try our best to accommodate your requested schedule.  We will be closed and no classes will run on the following dates: Monday, October 14 (Columbus/Indignenous Peoples' Day), Monday, November 11 (Veteran's Day), Wednesday-Friday, November 27-29 (Thanksgiving Break).  Classes should wrap up by Friday, December 13, 2019.

Snow Days: When local schools close for snow days, we are closed for the day and no classes will run. We post school closings on our Facebook page and Bangor Daily News. We generally follow MSAD 68, so when they are closed, we will be closed as well. If school is open during the day and bad weather develops later in the day, we may choose to cancel your evening class. We will work with you to come up with a decision that is best for you and your students. Snow Days can be made up by adding an extra class at the end of your session, or by adding time to your remaining sessions when possible. If your class is only one session, together, we will choose a new date for your class. You are NOT responsible for informing students when classes are canceled. We will notify them when possible. Otherwise, it is their responsibility to watch for announcements.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Hilda at 564-6525 or We look forward to working with you again! As always, thank you for supporting PVAEC Adult Education.

Please submit your course proposals NO LATER THAN Friday, July 19, 2019.

Download/Print Course Proposal Form (print and mail or return in person to PVAEC)

Online Form


Posted by Hilda Roberts  on June 12, 2019

Cultivating Mindfulness Class - THURS August 1st! [MSAD 52 Adult & Community Education]

Maine meditation practitioner and massage therapist Lynn Deeves shares practices designed to help us cultivate such qualities gratitude, peace, love, kindness and compassion. Discover how to weave mindfulness into your everyday! Workshop date: August 1st 6:30-8pm $25! Click on link to regsiter:


Posted by Kelly Cabral  on June 11, 2019

Slime, Planetarium Top Lewiston Adult Education's Programs For Families [Lewiston Adult Education]

Library technician Mary Randall will teach a slime-making class at Lewiston Public Library on Aug. 6 as one of a number of enrichment programs for parents and children featuring local organizations. 

Children will have a chance to get their hands slimy during Lewiston Adult Education's Summer 2019 Family Learning.

Students in Lewiston grade schools will receive a schedule of the free events. The schedule will also be available at Lewiston Public Library.

This summer marks the fourth year Lewiston Adult Education will work with members of 4-H Androscoggin County, Museum L/A, Bates College and Lewiston Public Library to provide activities for children and families to learn more about nature to local history. Lewiston Public Library technician Mary Randall will show how to make slime in her event in the children's' department called "An Evening with Professor Slime." Randall will put on her lab coat and goggles to entertain and explain some of the science of slimy things on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 6 p.m.

Adult Services Librarian Ruby Jones will combine tie-dyeing shirts and astronomical objects in "Galaxy Tie-Dye," set for the library on Tuesday, June 25 at 5 p.m. The focus on the sky will continue with "Seeing Stars" with Nicole Hastings of the Ladd Planetarium at Bates College on Tuesday, July 16 at 7 p.m.

Laura Personette of 4-H Androscoggin County will host two events at the Adult Learning Center in the basement of Longley School. "Seaweed Filter" will be held there on Wednesday, July 10, at 6 p.m. and "Salt Water Density" will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24. 

Carol Thomas of Museum L/A will present "Spinning and Weaving" at Museum L/A on 35 Canal St. in Lewiston at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 14. She will show the work behind making cloth and tapestries while connecting them to Lewiston's industrial past. Her class will be for children ages six and up.

The class at the Ladd Planetarium has no minimum age requirement as long as children can sit in a darkened room for an hour. All the other classes during summer enrichment are for children ages eight and up.

The classes require registration to participate. To register, go to

For more information, contact Mike Reagan at Lewiston Adult Education at 207-795-4141 or email him


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Biddeford family realizes high school graduation dream together [Biddeford Adult Education]

Four members of one family received their highs school diplomas during the Biddeford Adult Education graduation on Wednesday night. From left are Nicholas Bruns, Tina Bruns, Ashleigh Ouellette and Terry Nowlin. Tina Bruns is the mother of Nicholas Bruns, Ashleigh Ouellette and Terry Nowlin.  Ed Pierce/Journal Tribune

BIDDEFORD — For one Biddeford family, Wednesday evening’s Biddeford Adult Education graduation ceremony is a 25-year lesson in the power of perseverance and a determination to realize a better future.

Back in 1994, Tina Bruns was a student at Portland High School when she became pregnant and dropped out. She stayed home and cared for her newborn son, Nicholas, and then a year later, Bruns gave birth to a daughter, Ashleigh, who was followed two years after that by another son, Terry.

Trying to make ends meet with three young children and not ever really feeling comfortable in the classroom, Bruns gave up on earning her high school diploma and instead turned her concentration to raising her children.

“School just wasn’t for me,” Bruns said. “I was really shy and I just couldn’t make it work no matter what I did.”

Although she wanted the best for her children, as they grew up they all followed her down the same path. Nicholas Bruns has anxiety and always felt uncomfortable in a classroom setting. He never finished high school, and neither did his sister or his brother.

But then something remarkable happened.

“I started attending classes at Biddeford Adult Education in 2012 and came and went a few times before just finally deciding to just stick with it and see what would happen,” said Ashleigh Ouellette, now 24. “I earned my certified nursing assistant certification and set a goal to enlist in the U.S. Army, but to do that, I needed to obtain a high school diploma.”

To support and encourage her daughter, Tina Bruns also returned to classes at Biddeford Adult Education and earned her CNA certification at the same time as her daughter. Both of her sons, Terry Nowlin, now 22, and Nicholas Bruns, now 25, also attended classes at Biddeford Adult Education and it has transformed their lives.

“The people at Biddeford Adult Education are amazing,” said Tina Bruns. “They really are like family to us.”

Nowlin found a renewed interest in school at Biddeford Adult Education.

“I went to a lot of schools and none of them fit me,” he said. “But now I want to go on to college and study video game design. I’d like to go to college in Florida.”

Nicholas Bruns has been attending classes at Biddeford Adult Education since 2016 and said his favorite class was a history course.

“That was fun, but the best part of going back to school was actually doing that with my family,” he said. “The people at Biddeford Adult Education truly are special. They went above and beyond to help us and all I can say is that school is amazing.”

And as the names of graduates were called Wednesday evening at Biddeford High School, all four members of the Bruns family realized their decades-long dream to become high school graduates, thus ending a long journey once considered to be out of the realm of possibility for any of them.

In speaking to all of the graduates who earned diplomas on Wednesday night, Biddeford Adult Education Director Paulette Bonneau said she was proud of their achievements, both personally and academically.

“What this speaks to me is that it takes courage,” Bonneau said. “You made a choice, took a chance and made a change.”

She said that change began when the graduates stepped out of their comfort zone and became active learners.

“I never thought I’d make it or see this day,” Tina Bruns said. “We all got through this together and we’ve truly got something to celebrate. It shows you can do anything you set your mind to do. And if I can do it so long after leaving school, anyone can.”

Her daughter said the lesson that others can learn from their family is really very simple.

“Just never give up,” Ouellette said.


Ed Pierce – 282-1535 



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