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CNA/WorkReady Course - NEW START DATE: MARCH 2!! [Lake Region & Fryeburg Area Adult Education]

This CNA program will prepare you with the skills to become certified and trained as a CNA in the State of Maine. The course will also give you the opportunity to earn a WorkReady Credential, recognized by the State of Maine and many local employers. The WorkReady credential shows employees that you can: communicate effectively, manage stress on the job and work as a valued team member. You'll have 2 credentials wehn you complete the program: You State of Maine CNA license and your WorkReady credential. Additionally, we'll help you learn how to effectively interview and develop a resume that will get you the job. Financial assistance through one of our training providers may be available.

March 2 - June 27, 2017

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Crooked River School
1437 Poland Spring Road
Casco, ME 04015

Call our office @ 627-4291 for more information and to register.


Posted by AE Admin  on January 20, 2017

Health Insurance Marketplace [Eastern Aroostook Adult and Community Education]


Posted by Karen Rockwell  on January 18, 2017

Exciting Spring trip to Boston Show [Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education]

Join MMRACE this April 8, 2017, for a fun filled trip to Boston to see "The Illusionist"!  

Register here for a show to remember!


Posted by Shelley McGowan  on January 18, 2017

WOODLOT MANAGEMENT IS BACK! [Belfast Adult Education]


This course is designed for woodlot owners who own 10+ acres of woodland and are interested in learning about different optionss they have to manage their property (to protect what they value about the property and/or make improvements to their woodlot).  The class will meet on Wednesday evening beginning 01 March and ending 26 April 2017.  Each class session will run from 6:30-8:30pm at Belfast Area High School.  Guest speakers with diverse backgrounds will give presentations providing the landowner with a number of contacts and resources to pull from in the years to come.  This class is FREE but registration is required.  The class fills up quickly so early registration is recommended to secure your spot.  Contact the main office of Belfast ADult Education at 207-338-3197 to register.  Questions may be addressed to Steve MacDonald of American FOrest Management at 207-944-6501 or by email at  The class will be led by Steve macdonald and Marten Moesswilde, a forester with the Maine Forest Service.  The class is sponsored by American Forest Management.


Class Schedule:

01 March     Introduction to Woodlot Management, Planning and Cost Sharing Programs

08 March     Tree Identification and Introdeuction ot Silviculture

15 March     Advice for Small Woodlot Owners and Wildlife Management

22 March     Non Timber Forest Products

29 March     Working with a Forester

05 April     Harvesting Operations

12 April     Forestry REgulations, Best Management Practices to Protect Water Quality and the Tree Growth Tax Law

26 April     Tree Pests and Diseases


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ACA/MaineCare Presentation [Region 9 Adult Education]

Come join us for an informative night on Health Care.

Tuesday, January 24th from 6 to 8pm

Region 9 Adult Education

377 River Rd.

Mexico, ME 04257

Ashley McCarthy, a Health Navigator Program Coordinator with Western Maine Community Action, will be at Region 9 Adult Education on Tuesday, January 24th, from 6pm to 8pm to meet with community members and provide them with free help applying for Health Insurance on the Marketplace and to discuss their options. The presentation covers information about the Affordable Health Care Act, Marketplace Insurance, and information for free assistance with applications and plan selection. They also have a program that assists families with children apply for MaineCare.

For questions regarding this, please call 207-860-4457, EXT 5227


Posted by Caroline Mitchell  on January 17, 2017

Receive a Ready2Work, Personal Support Specialist & Certified Residential Medication Aide Certificate! [MSAD 52 Adult & Community Education]


Posted by Kelly Cabral  on January 17, 2017

RSU 16 Adult Education named 'Top Performer'! [RSU16 Adult Education ]

The State Adult Education office recently published a list of ‘FY16 Top Performers’ based on three specific criteria for approximately 75 Maine Adult Education Programs. RSU 16 was recognized in all three categories as:

  • 1 of 20 programs to exceed State benchmarks in both Completions AND Post-Test percentages. Not only are we successful in capturing post-test assessments, we are also successful in moving students from one educational functioning level to the next or higher.
  • 1 of 13 programs in the State to meet the above benchmarks as well as meeting or exceeding State averages for academic intensity of instruction, which refers to student attendance hours.

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Class of 2016 Graduation [RSU16 Adult Education ]

Twenty-seven RSU 16 Adult Education students were honored at a cap and gown graduation ceremony on Friday, June 3rd, for meeting High School completion goals.  Nearly 150 friends and family gathered in the Elm Street School gymnasium, as graduates marched single file to “Pomp and Circumstance” played by pianist, Sherilyn Foster.

Graduate Janelle Kogut delivered the inspirational message, sharing her personal journey through shyness and messages of self-doubt to pride and confidence in what she has accomplished. She shared her thoughts on finding success through alternatives and ended with the quote by an unknown author, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Several graduates were recognized with specific awards:  Tutor, Terryl Jensen together with Patricia Demers awarded the RSU 16 Adult & Community Education Association scholarship to Emily Wardwell.  The Central Maine Community College Courage to Grow scholarship was awarded to Melinda Straight by College Transitions Instructor Amy Hatch and CMCC Academic Advisor Bobbi Burke; Teacher Susan Lasselle and Career Advisor Katie Paiton also presented awards to Beverly Morin for Perseverance, and Meghan Green for Overcoming Obstacles.

            Before receiving their diplomas from Superintendent Tina Meserve, graduates personally thanked family, friends, and educators who supported them in their educational journey by presenting them with a red rose.  In closing, Director Jenny Rose encouraged graduates to spend time thinking about what comes next in terms of goals, action steps and making progress toward them.

The 2016 graduates are: Christopher J. Foster, Zeb S. French, Joshua K. Gammon, Meghan R. Green, Edward R. Heath III, Joshua A. Knight, Janelle K. Kogut, Tyler R. Labonte, Taylor D. Landry, Kevin W. McBean, Dylan J. Messer, Alana L. Michaud, Brandon C. Mitchell, Keith A. Mitchell, Jayla Monaghan, Beverly J. Morin, Melanie M. Oviedo, Joseph B. Pelletier, Cody A. Russell, Allen R. Smith, Melinda A. Straight, Kendall R. Timberlake-Golding, Emily L. Wardwell, John P. Wardwell, Jacob D. Woodward, Anonymous (2)


Posted by Jenny Rose  on January 16, 2017

Auburn Adult and Community Education (AACE) Fast Stats [Auburn Adult and Community Education]

58 individuals earned a high school credential through AACE in 2016

Over 47 community members became certified nursing assistants in 2016

130 individuals utilized AACE to develop stronger academic skills

Over 606 community members accessed our programs and school department facilities


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Marshwood Adult Education Very Proud of ESOL & COMPASS Grad! [Marshwood Adult & Community Education]

Woman learns English, Then Opens Aroma Joe's

Jan 9, 2017 at 3:59  By Mark Kobzik

10 years later KITTERY, Maine - When Maryna Shuliakouskaya arrived in the United States from Belarus, a small landlocked country on Russia's border, she didn't speak any English. Now, she has opened her third Aroma Joe's franchise in Kittery.

 "I've already been in the United States for 10 years and looking back another five, I feel like I was born in the business world," Shuliakouskaya said. "My dad always tried to open some kind of business during some pretty tough years back home. Belarus is right next to Russia, it's part of the former Soviet Union, and it was pretty hard to open your own business. Especially under a communist government."

She arrived in the United States having completed five years of college education at home. Her plan was to stay long enough to make $5,000 and then return home to Belarus. When she met her future husband, Adam Young, those plans changed.

Shuliakouskaya's first job was with Young at the Weathervane restaurant in Kittery. She began to teach herself English, along with help from Adam, by studying receipts to learn the names of food and drinks.

"She caught my eye because of how hard working she is. She brings a passion to the work that she does. One reason I felt attracted to her was her drive to succeed," Young said.

 Only three months after meeting, Shuliakouskaya and Young married and have been business partners ever since. They work together to run three Aroma Joe's franchises, with Young managing the newest location in Kittery.

 Shuliakouskaya had almost graduated with a computer science degree in Belarus, but she had to drop out once she decided to stay in the United States.

"You pretty much feel like you're someone and then you're no one. I'm a dreamer, so I wasn't going to give up. There were times when I was ready to pack my clothes and go back," she said.

Without speaking English, she continued working various jobs until deciding that she wanted more. Shuliakouskaya completed math and English courses at Marshwood Adult Education program before she went to York County Community College, the first of three colleges in the United States where she has earned degrees.

At one point Shuliakouskaya lost her work visa and couldn't drive or work. As Young described it, she was housebound taking care of their newborn baby. But with the help of Young and others, Shuliakouskaya started making it to classes at Marshwood Adult Education. Steve Boillot, her language teacher, visited her home to study and even helped her get admitted to the University of Southern Maine.

She obtained a degree in international business at USM before going to Southern New Hampshire University for her master's in marketing. Between classes and her jobs, Shuliakouskaya was working 70-80 hours a week. Now she says her life is even busier with owning a business, being a marketing director for Subway, and raising the couple's children Nellie, 8, and Nadia, 5 months, at their home in Eliot.

Two years later In 2013, Shuliakouskaya was approached by her boss at Subway, where she had been a manager and later a marketing assistant, with the offer of opening an Aroma Joe's. , she opened her second location in Gorham. The Kittery location opened in November.

Shuliakouskaya now gives inspirational talks to students at Thornton Academy and Marshwood High School, and she also teaches business and marketing at Great Bay Community College. She tells her students that working hard means giving your best effort to everything you do.

"You can achieve something if you work really hard. Don't give yourself excuses, I hate excuses. You have time for everything. When someone tells me 'I didn't have time,' I lose my mind. Time is for everything. It depends on how you prioritize," Shuliakouskaya said.

 "What was your comment? asked Young.

 "You can sleep when you're dead," Shuliakouskaya replied.


Posted by J Wade  on January 13, 2017