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CNA Ready2Work class comes to Lewiston Adult Education on Aug. 10 [Lewiston Adult Education]

People interested in preparing for a career as a certified nursing assistant can sign up for introductory training at Lewiston Adult Education. The class is being held on Aug. 10.

“Health care continues to be a very in-demand job field, and the Ready2Work class lets people prepare for a new career. We have already celebrated a new group of CNAs graduating this summer. Next month, we will be ready to help those looking to make a move into a new career,” Lewiston Adult Education Director Eva Giles said.

The class will prepare students for the Maine state certified nursing assistant program Lewiston Adult Education runs with St. Mary’s Health System. Topics include confidentiality, critical reading and computer skills. The first 100 hours in the program will help them become familiar with employee expectations for CNAs.

Students will earn a readiness certificate with a successful completion of the class. The certificate is recognized throughout the health care industry.       

People interested in the Ready2Work training in conjunction with the CNA class may contact the Lewiston Career Center at 207-753-9001 for more information. The class can be free if approved by the Career Center and if participants are eligible.

Anyone with additional questions may contact the Lewiston Career Center at (207) 795-4141.



Posted by Jessica Crabtree  on July 29, 2015 | Read more in: News

Augusta Adult and Community Education's 2015 Graduation [Augusta Adult and Community Education]

It's here! Our 2015 Augusta Adult and Community Education graduation video is now available online! We look forward to graduation each year. It is an opportunity to celebrate the students' accomplishments with their friends and families. Please go to: to view this important event. Enjoy!


Posted by Helen Emery  on July 29, 2015

Daytime Classes @ Marshwood Adult Ed. [Marshwood Adult & Community Education]


Below is a list of daytime class being offered Fall 2015.  Click on courses for more information.


Needlers Daytime Knitting, Know the 10 Signs, The Basics:  Memory Loss

Learn How Medicare Works, Future of Retirement

Understanding Medicare Parts A-D, Literacy Volunteer Tutor Training



Tennis, Orienteering, Charity Knit & Crochet, Beading Basics

Vintage Button Bracelet, Rug Braiding, TV Slippers, Maine Driving Dynamics

Solar Energy, Bowenwork, Boston Christmas Festival, Holiday Tree Dishcloth

Stretch your $$$$, Silhouettes, Ornamental Miniature Mittens

Shear Madness, Boston Flower Show


Posted by J Wade  on July 28, 2015

SCAE celebrates 35 graduates! [Sanford Community Adult Education]


SCAE's Class of 2015 poses with SCAE Administration, teachers and staff.

June 10th marked SCAE's graduation ceremony at the Veterans' Memorial Gym.  A total of 35 high school credentials were awarded as well as nine employment skills certificates. 

This year's ceremony also paid notice to SCAE's CNA program which has been certifying nursing assistants for an impressive 35 years. 




SCAE Director Allen Lampert poses with 2015 graduate Inez Chadwick.  Not only did Inez earn her HiSET diploma, but she also earned the following employment Skills Certificates:  Administrative Support Staff Professional, Medical Office Support Staff Professional, and Computer Applications Professional.
During her SCAE career, Inez and her two children participated in SCAE's Families READ family literacy program and Inez received an award for her successful completion of that program as well!  A busy young lady! 
Congrats Inez!





Director Allen Lampert poses with Lynn Holston who was selected as SCAE's winner of the Vincite Award to honor her outstanding commitment to the pursuit of her education.  Vincite is Latin for Conquer!  Lynn is definitely a conqueror!  Way to go Lynn!


Posted by Sue Colley  on July 23, 2015

Small Engine Repair at SCAE! [Sanford Community Adult Education]

According to Enrichment Coordinator Sue Colley, Small Engine Repair is one of SCAE's most requested enrichment courses.
"I've searched for years to find an instructor for small engine repair" she notes.  SCAE is very excited to finally be offering this course this fall. 

SCAE is running two sessions of the 10-week course on Tuesdays or Thursdays beginning the week of September 15th.  Classes will be held at the Sanford Regional Technical Center from 6:30-9:00 pm. 



Posted by Sue Colley  on July 23, 2015

Corporate Training at SCAE [Sanford Community Adult Education]

SCAE is now offering a full menu of corporate training programs to meet the needs of local Sanford/Springvale businesses both small and large. Having worked with local companies like Waban, Southern Maine Health Care, and Nasson Health Care, providing training in Microsoft Office and customer service, SCAE is expanding its program to the greater business community in Sanford and Springvale.

SCAE provides training in:

Microsoft Office applications

Customer Service
Business Communication
Business Writing

Please contact Lisa Blancette at for more information


Posted by Sue Colley  on July 23, 2015

New phone number [MSAD#44 Continuing Education]

We have a new phone number. 824-2136 ext. 1340


Posted by Deanna Fowles  on July 23, 2015

Facebook [MSAD#44 Continuing Education]

Search for M S A D #44 on Facebook.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, new fall class schedule will be out soon.


Posted by Lin Chapman  on July 23, 2015 | Read more in: News

High School Equivalency Test (HiSet) the New GED [MSAD#44 Continuing Education]


The ETS High School Equivalendy Test (HiSet) is the first alternative to the GED test since 1942, and includes elements that are critical to providing educational opportunities for those who need a second chance to succeed.

The test will measure the same competencies as the GED test, giving students the opportuity to earn a High School equivalency diploma. 

Call us today at 824-2136 ext.1340, to start the process of earning your high school equivalency diploma.


Posted by Deanna Fowles  on July 23, 2015

WMCA Career Center [Oxford Hills/Buckfield Adult Education]

Are you looking for funding for up coming Occupational Skills Training at Oxford Hills/Buckfield Adult Education this fall? Stop by the Career Center located at 4 Western Avenue in South Paris or call 743-7763 ext. 1 to see if you are eligible.


Posted by Donna Kusheba  on July 23, 2015