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Archive: March 2011

Volunteers Needed to Tutor English Language Learners [Gorham Adult Education]

We have three new English language learners who are waiting anxiously  to begin tutoring.  If you have teaching experience and have at least 3 hours per week to volunteer, we would love to hear from you.  Please call us at 222-1095. 


Expectations for Tutors of English Language Learners 

For Students’ Success: 

Take time to get to know your student.  With a better understanding of her experiences and hopes and dreams, you will be able to tailor your work to fit your student’s individual needs and goals.

Intensity and frequency of instruction is a key element for student progress.  A minimum of two, 1.5 hour sessions per week is recommended.  Also recommended is that you communicate once during the week with your student via e-mail.

Help students set small, attainable goals that enable them to see their progress.

Prepare lesson plans for each meeting that include activities that promote speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Provide homework assignments that are connected to class work

 Help each student develop a portfolio of his work.  Portfolios are a concrete way for students to see their progress.  They also provide a summary of their work for program records.

 Maintain an accurate record of time spent with tutor.  We are required to submit hours to the State of Maine quarterly.

 For Your Success:

 Attend Tutor Orientation.  Orientation will provide suggestions for establishing your relationship with your student; introduce you to available instructional materials and other resources as well as suggestions for lesson planning.

Participate in periodic training that focuses of specific teaching strategies and give you an opportunity to discuss your successes and teaching roadblocks.

Participate in periodic observations.  These visits are designed to give you new strategies for supporting your student.





Posted by Kate Rotroff  on March 7, 2011

Document: Reconsidering criminal history records in college admissions [Maine Adult Correctional Education Association]


Provided by Ellis King, Maine Department of Corrections


Posted by Richard Lumb  on March 2, 2011 | Read more in: Documents

Newsletter #4 March 2011 [Maine Adult Correctional Education Association]



Posted by Richard Lumb  on March 2, 2011