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Archive: November 2012

Nontraditional Students Take Classes To Prepare For College [Franklin County Adult Education]

By: Donna Perry, Staff Writer

Franklin: Wednesday November 28, 2012


JAY - Sue Cassidy is taking the College Access Class at Spruce Mountain Adult and Community Education to prepare to go to college. 

"In my case, the job market has gotten extremely competitive and I don't have the skills to compete," the Jay woman said.

She was in the management and has lots of experience but that is not enough in the job market, she said.

Carla Neil of Livermore, who builds websites, has the skills but just needs the degree behind it to back it up, Neil said. 

Neil and Cassidy both said that by going to college, they are trying to teach their children to aspire to do the same. Neil has two children in college, she said. 

Cassidy wants to show her son that education is important, she said.

"I always tell my son to walk the walk, not just talk the talk," Cassidy said. 

The program is updating skills for non traditional students. 

The College Access Class is a partnership with adults and community education programs in RSU 9 in Farmington and RSU 52 in Turner, Spruce Mountain adult education Director Eileen Miazga said Wednesday.

RSU 9 Adult Education Director Ray Therrien, who is heading up the project, wrote and received a grant from the Finance Authority of Maine to fun the classes, she said. 

The College Access Class is being offered at four adult and community education sites in Franklin County: SAD 58 in Salem Township, Spruce Mountain/RSU 73 in Jay, RSU 9 in Farmington, and RSU 52 in Turner. 

There are four classes offered at each site. 

"It's all geared toward the Accuplacer placement test that a number of colleges use," Miazga said.

The classes are technology, English, math and college readiness. 

"Each site has a set of teachers and we share some of the teachers,"  she said. "It is also a pilot project to utilize our staff."

Part of the college readiness class is filling out applications and talking about the culture of college, she said.

"It's a scary step when people go from what they know to what they don't know," Miazga said. "It's free."

Another 10-week class will begin Jan. 16 and there will be one in May, which has not been scheduled yet. 

Students can move on to take courses at Central Maine Community College, which has a satellite site at Spruce Mountain High School campuses in Jay ad Livermore Falls.

In the classroom at the adult education center, technology instructor Linda Davis was teaching four women how to do a PowerPoint presentation, They will need to do their own as a part of the class. 

"We started with Word and we're doing PowerPoint and we will do Excel," Davis said. 

Students in the classes range from teenagers to over 50.

The class is opening up Sherri Jewell's knowledge of what's to come with a full course load, the Livermore Falls woman said. She was formerly in bridge construction. 

Student Alison Welch is taking the class to prepare for college and enrolling courses targeting business.

Cassidy and Jewell also plan to take business courses. 

Neil is going for computer science. 


Posted by Megan Collins  on November 29, 2012

Regional sample of adult education students predict another four years for Obama [Lewiston Adult Education]

Last week, despite Hurricane Sandy, almost 4500 adult learners from adult education centers across New England participated in mock elections designed to prepare them for casting real ballots on election day. According to this sample of adult students, President Obama will win by a large majority (84%), Massachusetts will not allow life-ending medication for the terminally ill or the medical use of marijuana, Rhode Island will allow casino gambling in Newport, Maine will keep its ban on gay marriage, and several states will pass bond initiatives.

The mock elections were coordinated by the non-partisan Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA) campaign, which aims to educate adult students about the electoral process, help them learn about the campaign issues and ballot questions, and mobilize them to participate in the democratic process on November 6. The mock elections also provide an opportunity for hundreds of immigrants who cannot vote to learn how electoral politics work in the United States.

VERA, a project of the New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education, is one response to statistics showing that adults who have not completed a high school education are the least likely to vote. In the 2010 election, only 25% of U.S. adults lacking a high school diploma voted compared to 39% of high school graduates and 60-70% of adults with a college or advanced degree.

During the past four federal elections, VERA has provided resources that help adults discuss the civic issues that matter to them, research candidate views on those issues, analyze campaign advertising, and learn about voter rights and responsibilities.

On election day, hundreds of newly-registered adult learners will vote for the first time. They are eager to exercise this right and to see how the actual state and national results compare to their mock election tallies.


New England VERA Results


President/Vice President



Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Democratic Party


Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan

Republican Party


Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala

Green Party


Gary Johnson/James Gray

Libertarian Party














Connecticut Senate





Democratic Party




Republican Party










Maine Senate






Democratic Party




Republican Party




Independent Party










Massachusetts Senate





Democratic Party




Republican Party










New Hampshire Governor





Democratic Party




Republican Party




Libertarian Party












Posted by Jessica Crabtree  on November 6, 2012 | Read more in: News