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Archive: August 2013

PVAEC offers Substitute Teacher Training [PVAEC - Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative]

Substitute Teacher Handbook

PVAEC is offering Substitute Teacher training next week - in Milo on 9/3, and in Guilford on 9/5. Sign up today! courses/course/ substitute_teacher_training_wor kshop__milo


Call 564-6525 for more information. 


Posted by Kathy Normandin  on August 29, 2013

South Portland 2013 Graduates [South Portland Adult Education]


Congratulations to our 2013 Graduates!! Front Row: Stephanie Roderick and Aurora Ingemi Beau Jeffery, Joe O'Neill, Stephen Wilkes, Mohamed Kebdani and Nelson Gomez, Jr. 


Posted by Anne Beaulieu  on August 20, 2013

RSU# Adult Education Program receives top marks by Ben Holbrook, Republican Journal [RSU #3]

THORNDIKE-- Regional School Unit 3's home-based education program received high marks on a report card released by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

    The Students and Parents in Cooperative Education Family Literacy Program, or SPICE, sends adult education and early childhood instructors into the homes and families in the 11 district towns, which covers more that 440 square miles.

    Overall, SPICE received a total of 55 points for a final grade of "A-," according to the press release from the Barbara Bush Foundation. The grade was based on an independent evaluation that factored in the impact of the program on adult literacy skills, children's literacy skills, family learning activities, student recruitment and retention and other areas.

    Patricia Hughes, adult education director for RSU3, said it's an honor to receive recognition for the work that is done through the SPICE program, and continued by saying the program has consistently scored well on evaluations. In previous years, Hughes said the evaluation awarded a percentage to the programs as opposed to a letter grade with SPICE receiving a 94 percent, but people didn't always understand what that percentage meant.

    The program scored as high or higher than six of the other eight programs evaluated in Maine, according to report cards released by the Barbara Bush Foundation.

    While SPICE continues to receive positive evaluations, running the program isn't free of challenges.

    Included in the evaluation was a note about the challenges facing the program, which in the case of SPICE, is funding. Specifically, the report referenced the need for funding to maintain the exisiting program, as well as to purchase hardware and software.

   Hughes further explained that over the past four to five years the district budget has essentially stayed the same. She said the SPICE program serves on average about 18 families and that is all her staff can handle at this time. As well, she said she would like to be able to access more technology that is available to strengthen the program.

    Technology plays a significant role in the program because Hughes said laptops are loaned to students, which are used to access a virtual learning center that was created in 2011. The virtual learning center allows students to access various classes and services.

    As part of the virtual learning center, students can access four "levels," which include a high school level, a college level, the career and advising or workforce solutions level and the Maine Parents Place level.

    In addition to receiving strong marks for SPICE, Hughes said the Adult and Community Education Program was awarded the 2013 United States Conference in Adult Literacy award for program innovation and collaboration Hughes said the award will be presented during a national conference in October.


Posted by Tammie Leach  on August 16, 2013

Workforce Training Courses Coming Up! [Lewiston Adult Education]

Many of LAE's Workforce Training courses are starting up in just a few weeks, including:

Accounting I

Certified Nursing Assistant

Computer Literacy

Computer Basics for Seniors

Computing in the Cloud

NEW Computer & IT Science series, starting with Computer Hardware Fundamentals.

Effective Workplace Communication

Excel I

Medical Billing

Medical Terminology

Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair

Welding I & II


So if you- or someone you know- is interested in enhancing their computer skills, trying out a trade, or gearing up for an entirely new career, we invite you to browse our Fall 2013 course line-up!

Additionally- if you're interested in getting more frequent updates on LAE news & programming, we invite you to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.


Posted by Jessica Crabtree  on August 15, 2013