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Archive: February 2014

The HISET Exam replaces the GED test in Maine [Van Buren Adult and Community Education]

The HiSET replaces the GED as Maine's High School Equivalency Assessment. Van Buren Adult Education program is an official HiSET testing center.

Your GED scores will expire soon!!!!  - finish testing with the HiSET Exam, Maine's New High School Equivalency Test.

If you act now, you won't have to re-take the portions of the GED test you have already passed.

For a limited time only!!!

Click on this link for more information:


Posted by Roland Cyr  on February 12, 2014 | Read more in: News

The HiSET Exam replaces the GED test in Maine [Madawaska Adult and Community Education]

Maine is no longer a GED testing state for the High School Equivalency diploma.    Starting this year in 2014, Madawaska Adult & Communication Education is now an official HiSET testing center and is prepared to help you get ready for your HiSET exam!  

If you have started your GED but have not yet finished, GEd official test scores can be transferred to the HiSET exam for this first year only.

Call us to get more information.  728-6314


Posted by Stacey Cyr  on February 11, 2014