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Archive: June 2015

Maine College Transition Information [Spruce Mountain Adult Education]

Some news to pass on to you.


Posted by Tammy Gordon  on June 29, 2015

Lewiston Adult Education Faculty Members Honored [Lewiston Adult Education]


Anne Kemper and Amy Poland at the Maine Adult Education Association awards luncheon.


Two members of the Lewiston Adult Education faculty were recognized at the Maine Adult Education Association annual awards luncheon on June 18. Anne Kemper was honored with the Gerald R. Levasseur Award, and Amy Poland was honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award.

Anne Kemper has been the Adult Basic Education Counselor/Coordinator with LAE for over 30 years. Ms. Kemper was a founding member of the Adult Learning Center faculty, and in throughout her tenure instilled the value of community into every aspect of the Center’s programming and culture. Adult learners face many barriers, but Ms. Kemper tackles each one of their challenges and provides the support and encouragement needed to keep students moving forward. Her commitment to the larger community of lifelong learning extends well beyond the Adult Learning Center. She is actively involved with the Lewiston Public Library, the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, and Androscoggin Head Start and Childcare. As Rick Speer, Lewiston Public Library Director, noted, “Anne is always looking out for her students, and always ready to go to bat for them in order to help them achieve their education and workplace aspirations.”

Students and colleagues alike recognize Ms. Kemper as an inspirational leader who faces each challenge head-on to create a professional learning environment. She raises people up, and constantly nurtures the lifelong learning community.

Although Ms. Kemper will be retiring this summer, her impact on the Lewiston Adult Education program will have a lasting effect not only on adult learners in Lewiston, but adult learners and Adult Education programs across the state.

Amy Poland, Lewiston Adult Education’s College Transition Program instructor, was recognized for her work helping adult learners develop the academic skills and confidence to pursue a college degree. Ms. Poland helps her students set goals, anticipate barriers, and develop persistence and resiliency by embedding a reflective way of thinking into her daily interactions with students. Ms. Poland utilizes the cohort model to foster a culture of community among her students: her students support and encourage one another in the same manner that she supports and encourages them. In addition to her work in Lewiston, Ms. Poland has worked tirelessly to create opportunities in Lisbon and RSU 16. She was also recognized for her leadership as a teacher coach with the College and Career Readiness Standards.

Although Ms. Poland will be leaving the classroom to take on the role of ABE Counselor/Coordinator following Ms. Kemper’s retirement, the work she did to develop the College Transitions curriculum will have a lasting impact on college-bound adults for years to come.


Posted by Jessica Crabtree  on June 18, 2015 | Read more in: News

2015 Graduation Photo & Program [RSU16 Adult Education ]

Congratulations to our Class of 2015 Graduates! 

Pictured above are:  (Front L-R)  Keegan Leighton, Tim Myers (Middle row L-R) Gavin Chrostek, Ricky Strout, Donald (DJ) Banker, James Francis, George Ross, (Back row L-R) Richard Barnard, Breahna Auger Vance, Paul Parker III, Keri Duhamel, Kachina Harps, Sarah Holbrook, Scott Brady, Brook Sanborn, Felicia Thibault. (Not pictured: Ali Aden and Derek Muncey)

More than 120 friends and family gathered in the Elm Street School gymnasium to honor this year's twenty graduates at our cap and gown ceremony on Friday, May 29, 2015.

See a copy of our program here:



Posted by Jenny Rose  on June 8, 2015 | Read more in: News and Events

Adult Education CNA Graduates Pinned Friday, April 17, 2015 [Houlton/Hodgdon Adult & Community Education]

Otis Smith, Director of RSU 29/70 Houlton Hodgdon Adult Education, and David Keaton, Director of Region Two CTE, are pleased to announce the graduates of the Region Two CTE Winter Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Course.  Successfully completing the course under the tutelage Region Two CNA Instructor of Kim Fox, BSN, were Sydney Bradshaw, Stephanie Kelly, Crystal Ladd, Cassidy LeFay, Barbara Nanton, and Kathryn Wrin.  CNA training is comprised of 140 hours of classroom instruction and 80 hours of clinical experience.   For those interested in beginning a career in the Allied Health Care field, Adult Education is offering a Personal Support Specialist (PSS) course at Region Two beginning on June 8.   Online registration for the PSS course is available at  For those interested in a CNA course or registration by phone for the PSS course, please call 521-3100, Ext. 5.


Pictured L to R: Barbara Nanton, Crystal Ladd, Kim Fox – Instructor, Stephanie Kelly, Sydney Bradshaw, and Cassidy LeFay.  Also graduating but not pictured – Kathryn Wrin.


Posted by Melody Gonya  on June 4, 2015