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Archive: May 2018

Adult Ed Graduation, 6/14/18 [Franklin County Adult Education]

Adult Ed Graduation

6/14/18, 5:30 PM, Bjorn Auditoruim


Posted by M Burd  on May 31, 2018

Summer CNA Classes [Franklin County Adult Education]

Summer CNA Classes!!



Posted by M Burd  on May 31, 2018

Lewiston Adult Education Student Tells How Motivation, Support Helped Him Reach Goal [Lewiston Adult Education]


Bryce Smith will march at Lewiston Adult Education's graduation on Wednesday, June 6 at 7 p.m. at the Lewiston High School gymnasium.


Bryce Smith needed his high school credential in order to hold onto his job at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport. He did it in two months.

Smith plans to attend graduation for Lewiston Adult Education, which is set for Wednesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. in the Lewiston High School gym. He took the HiSET exam to receive his high school credential.

"I didn't think I could, but I put my mind to it. Got it done somehow," the 20-year-old said.

Airport Manager Richard Lanman praised Smith as a great addition to the workforce. The push to a high school credential came from Smith’s job description. It said that within six months, employees must have their high school diploma or high school credential.

“Very intelligent young man. He just needed a shove in the right direction,” Lanman said.

But Smith didn't just do it for his job. He did it for his 11-month-old son Connor.

"I want him to be proud of me along with everybody else," he said.

Smith credited his fiancee, Ashley Warren, with helping to quiz him in between work and watching their son. The faith people had in him helped as well.

Laurie Champagne, coordinator of Lewiston's Adult Learning Center, said she was very impressed with how he handled his toughest challenge. Smith came in to work with her on Fridays, his day off.

Smith had trouble reading on a computer screen filled with text. The words seemed to swim around. He taped a sheet of paper to the top and bottom of the screen so he could minimize what he had to look at.

“He was very motivated and also wanted to set a good example for his young son," Champagne said.

Next, Smith plans to get his Class B license so he could use a dump truck at his job.  

He has tips for people interested in going back to school to get their high school credential.

"You can do it. You have to have faith in yourself also. You can't just have faith in someone else," Smith said. 


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Lewiston Adult Education Graduation Set for June 6 [Lewiston Adult Education]

Lewiston Adult Education will hold its graduation on Wednesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. at the Lewiston High School gymnasium.

Jaoa Masela is scheduled to be the student speaker. The event will also include a musical performance by graduates.

Students who have successfully completed their HiSET exam between July 2017 and June 2018 can attend graduation. Those who have not received an invitation or have additional questions can contact Lewiston Adult Education at 207-784-2928.


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Ahmed is off to better things. [Biddeford Adult Education]

Click HERE to read article.


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Why I want to be a citizen [Gorham Adult Education]

Gorham Adult Education would like to thank our ELL student, Evelin Guerrero, for allowing us to share her personal story. Evelin came to the United States from Equador and has been working for the past 3 1/2 years with her ELL tutor, Peggy Marchand. Evelin has been a valued employee at Jøtul in Gorham for almost two years.

These are Evelin's words...


Why I Want to Be a Citizen

          by Evelin Guerrero 

Some years ago, I was scared to move to the United States with my husband, who is a citizen from Buxton. Maine. I was scared because I wasn’t sure what my life would be away from my country. The day I was ready to take the airplane, my mother gave me a big hug and she said to me, “ My dear daughter, if you feel lonely sad, or your husband’s family is not good with you, please come back home. We will be waiting for you.”

My heart was beating fast.  I said to my mother, “Everything is going to be ok.  Do not worry, Mom. My husband is a good man. He will be good out there and I am completely sure his family will be good to me, too.” In my heart I knew everything will be ok.

Most of the time on my trip, my first on an airplane, I was looking at the clouds.  It was so beautiful. When my husband told me we were close to landing, I remember looking down and the first thing I saw was FortGorges. What a wonderful view! In that specific moment I felt completely ready for the change.

I feel very proud and happy living here in this country. I am thankful for the loving family my husband and I have formed. We have a son who is our strength.  I am thankful for my husband’s family and the friends that we value and love so much. We are surrounded with people who care about each other. I have a great community.

I have a job with a company where I am developing assembly skills. I have learned how gas stoves work and how to inspect them.  My company has an idea system where they encourage me to propose ideas in how to make work more efficient and at the same time I improve my English learning.

This is a remarkable country with opportunities for those who come from other countries looking for a better life. I am very happy living in the United States. This country has given me so much. Everyone here has given me the chance to be part of their communities, like my school, work, and friends. Gorham Adult Education, my school, has opened the doors for me being able to learn a new language in the ESL Program, called “English as a Second Language.” I’ve had wonderful teachers who give their time to help newcomers. Day by day, I have put my effort to get ahead, learning a new language and being part of new customs.  I know that I still have a long way to go, but I will achieve my goals little by little.

I want to be a citizen because I love this country, love the people. I want to stay. I want to be a part of this country. I would love to have the right to vote. Here is my family, my life. Everything that I have built with effort and love is here. I would like to be able to leave the country without the fear of not being able to return. I want to be a citizen of the United States for all these reasons.


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High School Students Create Commercial For Lewiston Adult Education [Lewiston Adult Education]



Lewiston Adult Education Rug braiding students Mary Gallie, left, and Diane Comas, center, get tips from instructor Beth Derenburger in part of a new commercial promoting Lewiston Adult Education.


Lewiston Regional Technical Center students have created a commercial for Lewiston Adult Education featuring hands-on classes.

Seniors in Sylvie St. Amand’s multimedia class shot footage, mixed and edited the 30-second commercial. They visited welding, rug braiding and construction students during free time after school.

 "It is a pleasure for me when my students use their skills and talents for ‘real’ projects. It feels great to be able to give back to our school and community,” St. Amand said.

 The seniors are Habbon Abdillahi of Lewiston High School, Kaelyn Jipson of Oak Hill High School, Lindsay Morin of Lewiston High School and Nelson "Nik" Peterson of Oak Hill High School. They are in the LRTC multimedia program in addition to taking classes at their high schools.

 The seniors also helped when it came to showing how to post the video to YouTube, said Mike Reagan, education and marketing coordinator for Lewiston Adult Education.

 “I couldn’t have done it without Habbon, Kaelyn, Lindsay and Nik. They are among the best students LRTC has to offer,” he said. “I only wish they could be around when I have my next computer problem at work.”

 Great Falls Television in Auburn has begun broadcasting the commercial. It has been posted on Lewiston Adult Education’s YouTube channel,




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Understanding Ranked Choice Voting [Augusta Adult and Community Education]

Augusta Adult and Community Education
The League of Women Voters of Maine presents:


Ranked Choice Voting

Join your friends and neighbors for a nonpartisan
educational presentation about what Ranked Choice voting is,
how to, why we’re using it for the June Primary, how ballots
 are cast and counted, and other facts that Mainers need to
know about the June Primary Election.

This event is free and open to the public.

The presentation and Q&A will be conducted by
League representative Jon Monroe,
formerly an elections official
at the Office of the Secretary of State, Elections Division
and analyst at the Chicago Board of Elections.


Capital Area Technical Center
40 Pierce Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
 6:00pm – 7:30pm


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