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Lewiston, Auburn provide options to adults seeking high school credential [Lewiston Adult Education]

A Lewiston Adult Education graduate and children head to the gym for commencement ceremonies in June 2018.


Lewiston Adult Education and Auburn Adult & Community Education are offering a free program for adults looking to get their high school credential.

The adult education programs both give the High School Equivalency test, the HiSET, which has replaced the GED as Maine’s high school equivalency exam. It consists of five subtests on a computer: Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. People who are at least 17 years old and not enrolled in school may take the HiSET.

HiSET exam preparation and testing are free.  There are several convenient locations in Lewiston and Auburn.  The Adult Learning Centers, which are located in the lower level of Longley School on 145 Birch St. in Lewiston and 4th floor of Auburn City Hall on 60 Court Street are two locations. The third is Auburn Adult Ed’s office at Edward Little High School on 77 Harris St. in Auburn, which gives testing and lessons in the evening.

For more information, contact Auburn Adult & Community Education at 207-333-6661 or Lewiston’s Adult Learning Center at 207-784-2928.



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Cutups To Class Clowns Welcome To Join Lewiston Adult Ed’s Standup Comedy Workshop [Lewiston Adult Education]

Comedian Dawn Hartill will return to the classroom to guide aspiring comics in her Standup Comedy Workshop class this month at Lewiston Adult Education.


            An upcoming Lewiston Adult Education class will give students time in the spotlight to tell a few jokes.

            Standup Comedy Workshop begins on Feb. 28 at Lewiston High School. Comedian Dawn Hartill is returning to teach the class.

            Hartill was a member of the first Standup Comedy Workshop class at Lewiston Adult Education and based some of her earliest routines on experiences of being the mother of three teen boys. She has performed in shows throughout Maine and New England.

            Students will begin the class with ideas for a set and work with Hartill and classmates to hone their material and delivery. They will perform at Guthrie’s on 115 Middle St. in Lewiston in the early spring as their final exam.

            To register for Standup Comedy Workshop, go to or call Lewiston Adult Education at 207-795-4141.



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Our Winter-Spring 2019 Course Catalog is Here! [Scarborough Adult Learning Center]

Browse, register and pay online for Winter-Spring 2019 classes by clicking on the "Courses" tab above.

Or enjoy the print version of our catalog here:


Get inspired, join us!


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Online Classes NOW AVAILABLE! [Lisbon Adult & Community Education]

Lisbon Adult Education has partnered with ed2go to offer online Career Training Programs ( and online Short Courses (

Ed2go offers hundreds of online courses, so there's sure to be something the fits your needs!

Feel free to call us with questions as you browse the above websites for careers or skills that might interest you!  


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Construction Training Program Has YouTube Video [Lewiston Adult Education]

Pete Gagnon, right, assistant director of Lewiston Regional Technical Center, goes over the basics of shock absorbers during one lesson in the Construction Training Program in 2018.


Community Concepts has created a video to show more about an upcoming workforce program with Lewiston Adult Education.

The Construction Training Program will provide hands-on work for student interested in entry-level positions in construction. It also will have classroom work covering topics including construction math and workplace safety. 

The program is scheduled to begin in February. 

Here is a link to the video:

The combined Winter-Spring 2019 brochure from Lewiston Adult Education and Auburn Adult & Community Education has a listing about the Construction Training Program on page A13.

Interested candidates will need to sign up to take the CASAS test and to register for the program's orientation, which is set for Feb. 5, by calling the Lewiston Career Center at 207-753-9001.



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Online Registration For Classes Includes $1.99 Fee [Lewiston Adult Education]

Online registration costs have gone to a per class registration fee at adult education programs in Maine.

Lewiston Adult Education and many others throughout the state rely on CourseStorm of Orono, Maine, to handle online listings registrations. 

The new $1.99 charge went into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. It cannot be waived.

The charge is applied to credit and debit card purchases paying for classes through CourseStorm.

Before the start of the new year, online fees varied depending on the total cost of classes for which people paid.


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Lewiston Adult Education January 2019 Community Newsletter [Lewiston Adult Education]


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Mike Cyr Returns To Teach Welding At Lewiston Adult Education [Lewiston Adult Education]



Welding I teacher Mike Cyr, left, gets congratulated by Lewiston Adult Education Director Bill Grant on his retirement from his full-time welding job in 2018. Cyr will teach Welding I in the Winter-Spring 2019 semester as part of his retirement.


            Welding students will have a couple options to choose from in 2019 thanks to a returning teacher.

            Mike Cyr, who retired as a full-time welder in 2018, will teach Welding I again in the Winter-Spring 2019 semester at Lewiston Adult Education. He had taken the fall semester off when he began his retirement.

            Cyr’s return means adult education students will have Welding I and Welding II as class options in the new brochure. John Clements will teach Welding II on a different night in the Winter-Spring 2019 semester. Students may take both classes.

            Welding is one of a number of workforce classes offered at Lewiston Adult Education. Classes for the new semester will include Certified Nursing Assistant, Notary Public and Construction training. All class information is listed in the new brochure that has gone out to Lewiston and Auburn residents.

            For more information about welding classes and other workforce classes, head to the Lewiston Adult Education website at or call the main office at 207-795-4141.



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Earning Gold and Silver [Westbrook Adult Education]

Sometimes it is hard to get to class or work.  But we know we need to be there to learn or earn.  For some of our English Language Learners, this is very different from the expectations in their culture.  In October we instituted monthly awards for attendance.  Students can earn a gold certificate for perfect attendance or a silver one for one absence.  The students are excited to get recognition.  

Winter classes began today (January 7th).  We started the day by handing out certificates for November/December.  Seven students received gold certificates and 47 received silver.  The names of those receiving certificates are posted in the classroom for all to see.  Hurray for these determined men and women.  You are setting a wonderful example for your fellow students.












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Lewiston, Auburn Adult Ed Continue Shared Brochure For 2019 [Lewiston Adult Education]



Rebecca Schoen will teach the Cooking Matters class during the Winter-Spring 2019 semester for Lewiston Adult Education.  Lewiston and Auburn will have all classes listed in a joint brochure coming out in January.


Two local adult education programs are teaming up again for the Winter-Spring 2019 semester.

The joint brochure for Lewiston Adult Education and Auburn Adult & Community Education is scheduled to go out to Lewiston and Auburn mailboxes in early January. Readers will have to look at one side of the booklet and then turn it over to see both sides.

Auburn’s classes for the semester include new classes on Tiny Houses, Container Gardening as well as Introduction to Golden Prospecting. Returning favorites include Mary Dempsey’s Laughter Yoga along with another wellness class, Pound Fit.

Basic Car Repairs, Perennials and Portuguese top the list of new Lewiston classes. Comedian Dawn Hartill is coming back to teach Standup Comedy Workshop and Rebecca Schoen will serve as the instructor for Cooking Matters. Cooking Matters shows students how to prepare healthy meals and shop on a limited budget.

Lewiston’s workforce listing has information on two Certified Nursing Assistant programs and two welding classes. A separate page in the Auburn section provides information on the construction program.

For more information about the classes, head to Lewiston’s website, or call 207-795-4141.  Auburn’s website is and their main number is 207-333-6661.



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