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Get answers to your frequently asked questions about the MAEA Portal

This website is intended to provide support and information for the new Maine Adult Education Assocation Portal website and Program websites. Please continue to check this website for important updates and information as the project continues.

Latest News & Updates

Category: New Features

Portal Updates: Multi-person checkout, promo codes, and more!

As the fall semester kicks off, we're pleased to present some new updates to the MAEA Portal and your program websites! Please read this important overview of the new updates. For complete details, visit the MAEA Portal Support website.

MAEA Portal cart with new Multi-person checkout now available!

Now, when a student wants to register themselves and a second (or third or fourth!) person for a course, they can enter the names of the other students during checkout! Read this article to see how multi-person checkout now works.

Image of promo code field on cart page

Promo codes for your course catalog

You can now create promo codes for your catalog. Promo codes can be used to give either a dollar value off or a percentage off the student's total order. Add a $5 discount for seniors, a 10% for back to school, or whatever you choose! Learn how to create and use promo codes today!

MaineSTARS integration

Coming soon, you will be able to publish your courses from MaineSTARS to the Portal. Stay tuned for more information about this integration.

Thank you!

As always, these updates are based on YOUR feedback - please keep it coming! If you have any questions or feedback, we're always available: OR (207) 866-3908.

We'll talk to you soon!

Posted on August 10, 2012 | Read more in: New Features

Learn about the new updates launched as part of Phase 3!

Many new updates are now available for your program website- including a configurable registration window, Facebook integration, online order stats, and more!

Read on to discover all the new features of your program website.

Visitors can now browse your program catalog

Searching for courses and browsing by category are two ways for your visitors to find your courses- but now there's a new way: Visitors can now browse your entire catalog, course by course, just like they would look at your printed catalog.

You can find this new way to browse just your program's catalog by going to the "Courses" section of your program website. Then look for the "browse all courses" link in bold above your categories.

You can now decide when registration closes on your catalog

Previously, courses automatically disappeared from your program website as soon as they started. This feature wasn't ideal for some programs who want to keep registration available after a course has started.

Now, you can decide how long your courses should be open for registration: Registration can close as soon as courses begin (how it currently works), when courses are 25% complete, 50% complete- or, choose to always keep courses available for registration (this should only be used in rare cases).

View this FAQ to learn how to change this setting for your program site.

Post to your Facebook or Twitter profile directly from NewsStorm

Struggling to keep up with your program's news section and social media presence? Now you can post to your program's Facebook or Twitter profiles directly from within NewsStorm!

Just log in to NewsStorm and click on "Settings" to configure Facebook and Twitter. Then, post a news item, and you automatically post it to Facebook and/or Twitter at the click of a button. 

View this FAQ to learn how to post your news items to your program's social media profiles.

View online registration earnings & stats

Need an easy way to view revenue for the past week, month, or whole semester? You can now view and export a revenue report for your online registrations.

When you're logged into CourseStorm, just click on the new "Reporting" tab, then select a date range and view (or export) your stats!

View this FAQ to learn how to setup custom reports and export the results!

Other Updates in Phase 3

  • Visitors can now search for courses on specific days of the week- just direct your visitors to your "Advanced Search".
  • Your "tell a friend" feature now allows for multiple recipients.
  • There is now a "Staff Resources" link at the bottom of all pages on the Portal- check that link for important staff-only information.




Posted on April 28, 2011 | Read more in: New Features

Changes in how CourseStorm handles partial refunds

In our ongoing efforts to improve CourseStorm, we've enhanced the way that partial refunds are handled within CourseStorm.

Previously, if you issued a refund within PayPal on an order with multiple courses, all the course registrations within that order would have been canceled. Now, you can issue a refund for a particular course amount within PayPal, and only that particular course registration will be canceled.

Here's how the new approach works:

1. Login to your PayPal account

2. Select a course registration order to refund

3. Issue a partial refund of that course registration order

4. Next time you login to CourseStorm, you will notice the status of that registration has been updated to "Partially refunded".

5. If you click on the "View" icon next to the registration you partially refunded, you will see the registration you refunded crossed out:


  • The total registration amount will be automatically updated to reflect the new total
  • If you refund the exact amount of a course within the order, the course registration will be canceled and 1 slot will become available.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

Posted on February 5, 2010 | Read more in: New Features

CourseStorm will save your fields when you import Excel files

We're happy to announce the availability of a new feature within CourseStorm. Now when you import your courses via Excel (or CSV) file, CourseStorm will remember the fields you imported last time around and automatically match them to the fields within CourseStorm.

This feature is helpful because a large majority of organizations who import their courses from an Excel file use the same file each and every time. With the same file comes the same field names, meaning this new auto-match feature saves time and busywork.

Thanks to Jim and the staff at Maranacook Adult Ed for suggesting this update to CourseStorm.

Posted on February 5, 2010 | Read more in: New Features

New portal homepage highlights featured courses, more

On Friday January 22nd, the MAEA Portal homepage featured a refreshed design and new content. Some highlights:

* Featured Courses, now with images: The portal homepage now displays not one, but two featured courses on the homepage! In addition, these featured courses display images (when available) along with more course details.

* Social media updates: The MAEA Portal homepage now features links to the MAEA Facebook and Twitter sites. In addition, the most recent Twitter updates are included on the homepage.

* The "Search Courses" tab is now loaded by default. Previously, the "Search Programs" tab loaded first on the homepage. As it has been that way for one year, we have switched it so that the "Courses" tab now loads first.

We hope you like these new updates to the MAEA Portal homepage. As always, please share your feedback with us.

Posted on January 26, 2010 | Read more in: New Features

PageStorm update

Effective today, you may notice several updates to PageStorm, the SiteTurbine module where you create and edit pages.

The updates create several enhancements to PageStorm within the admin area as well as behind the scenes. The primary update you may notice is the addition of page hierarchy.

What is page hierarchy?

You can now create tiered levels of navigation within PageStorm. This may help you to group your pages in a more logical manner, such as putting a "Board of Directors" page within an "About" page.

Where did all of my pages go?

In order to facilitate this change for the first time, we have moved many of the pages you created into an "About" section in your site.

If you are having trouble locating a page on your site within PageStorm, please login to your SiteTurbine account, click on the PageStorm icon, then click the little gray arrow to the left of "About".

When you click that arrow, you will see the list expand underneath "About" and many of your pages will appear. Again, this is because these pages are now grouped within your "About" page.

Why has the "Last Revised by" name on my pages changed to "Un-named author"?

When we implemented these upgrades, it required the system to reset the all of the authors of your pages to be reset to "Un-named author". This "Un-named author" does not show on your website; only in your administration area.

How does the addition of page hierachy affect my site?

The addition of page hierarchy does not affect your program website or your website visitors in any way. It merely affects the way that your pages are organized inside your PageStorm administration area.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions about these changes, please contact support.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve SiteTurbine!


Posted on September 3, 2009 | Read more in: New Features

Deleting registrants is now disabled

Previously, you could delete a registrant within CourseStorm. We have now disabled this option, meaning that you can no longer delete registrants.

In the next few weeks, we will publish an update to CourseStorm which will allow you to mark registrants as "archived". This option will be available should you need to remove a registrant for any reason, such as:

  • If a registrant cancel their order for the class.
  • If you want to keep your courses listed on your program site, but you want to "clear out" the registrants for the course

This "archived" option will replace the need to delete a registrant. In addition, you may also view previously archived registrants using this approach.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and insights. Please use the support form to contact us with your questions and/or comments.

Posted on July 10, 2009 | Read more in: New Features

Now you can display more information on your program website

If you import your course information via Excel rather than MAEMIS, now there's an easier way to display more course information on your program website.

The new Custom Fields feature in CourseStorm gives you the ability to add information such as website links, instructor bios or any other type of custom information that your program may wish to display. All of this can be done by adding rows to your current Excel files where all of your course information is already located.

For more information about how to use this new service please read this FAQ.



Posted on April 13, 2009 | Read more in: New Features

Payment Status and Refund notification

When a visitor pays by e-check with PayPal, it used to be marked as “Pending”. Subsequently emails, the thank you page, and the registrations list in the admin area wouldn’t work properly until days later when the payment officially went through. We’ve made it so that payments marked as “Pending” go through automatically (which means the # of open slots is affected for the course as well), but are marked as “Pending” in the administration area (see attachment). Once the registration officially goes through, it gets marked as “Completed”. If the registration hits a speed bump and doesn’t go through properly, we cancel the registration and give back those slots to the required courses.

At the same time, we made an adjustment so that if a refund is issued through PayPal, we mark the registration as such, notify both the registrant and the admins, and free up the necessary open slots in a course.


Posted on February 17, 2009 | Read more in: New Features

Editable Fees and Course Registrants

We're continuing to work hard on improving and refining CourseStorm. Take a look at some of the new aspects of CourseStorm, based directly on your feedback:

Edit Course Fees

In CourseStorm fees are now simply editable by clicking the word "edit" next to already established fees.

Previously, if you wanted to change a fee, you had to delete it, then re-create it.



View Course Registrants

You can now view all of the registrations for a particular course at once. To see the registrants for a particular course, click the small "People" icon to the left of a course name on the Courses tab.

When you click, a list of registrations will drop-down from the top of the window.

If you have a suggestion or idea for CourseStorm or any other SiteTurbine module, please tell us!

Posted on January 29, 2009 | Read more in: New Features

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